Identity1, citizenship and belonging
among settled Eastern European migrant
children and young people in the UK
Survey for Eastern European young people (18/11/2016)

Between October 2016- April 2017, we run a survey for young people aged 12-18 born in Central or Eastern Europe, or in an Eastern European family living elsewhere. Over 1000 of you took part in the survey- thank you!

The survey link is now closed and we will be soon publishing the results of that survey.

There are many young people living in the UK who were born in families of Eastern European origin elsewhere and then migrated to the UK. Between October 2016- April 2017 we run a UK-wide survey, open to all young people of Eastern European origin aged 12-18, who had been living in the UK for at least three years. The survey asked questions on young people’s experiences of living in the UK, their family and friendships, their aspirations and concerns about their future in the UK, especially after the Brexit vote.

We will soon be publishing the results of our survey – keep an eye on our website, twitter of Facebook page.


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