Here to Stay?
Identity, citizenship and belonging
among settled Eastern European migrant
children and young people in the UK
Project Methodology

Our research data will be produced through a combination of surveys, focus groups with young people and case studies with families.

We carried a national survey of Eastern European young people living in UK, and 1000 young people took part- we are now looking at their responses and will publish shortly our analysis.

We have also met with  young people in schools, youth clubs and community organisations across the UK to seek their views on issues such as Brexit, their family and friendships, sense of belonging to their neighbourhoods or the region where they live, and their use of services, such as leisure centres and clubs.

We will also work with selected families to get a more in-depth view of their family lives.

We have a young people’s advisory group which has a central role in the project development and dissemination. Our young advisors read our project materials and advise us on how to best carry out the research to make it interesting for young people. They are also our Ambassadors and represent us at events across the country.

If you are aged 12-18, born in an Eastern European family, and now living in the UK, please keep in touch, by coming back to this website to check for updates, or find us on Twitter and Facebook.