Here to Stay?

Identity, citizenship and belonging
among settled Eastern European migrant
children and young people in the UK
Our Publications

Academic publications based on the project findings

Sime, D. and Behrens, S. (2022) Marginalised (non)citizens: migrant youth political engagement, volunteering and performative citizenship in the context of Brexit, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Online First.

Sime, D.; Tyrrell, N.; Kakela, E.; Moskal, M. (2022) Performing whiteness: Central and Eastern European young people’s experiences of xenophobia and racialisation in the UK post-Brexit, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Online First.

Moskal, M. and Sime, D. (2021) Young Europeans in Brexit Britain: Unsettling identities, Global Networks, 22(2), 183-196.

Sime, D. (2020) New Scots? Eastern European young people’s feelings of belonging and national identity in Scotland post-Brexit, Scottish Affairs, 29 (3), pages 336-353.

Sime, D.; Moskal, M.; Tyrrell, N. (2020) Going back, staying put, moving on: Brexit and the future imaginaries of Central and Eastern European young people in Britain, Central and Eastern European Migration Review, 9 (1), 85-100.

Tyrell, N.; Sime, D.; Kelly, C.; McMellon, C.  (2018) Belonging in Brexit Britain: Central and Eastern European 1.5 Generation Young People’s experiences, Population, Space and Place, Online issue, e2205.

Policy Influence

RSE’s Young Academy of Scotland reports  on Brexit: The Impact for Scotland (2017) and the Health and Well-being Edition (2018)

The research was mentioned in the Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry on ‘Immigration and Scotland’

We gave evidence on the research to the Equalities and Human Rights Committee in the Scottish Parliament on the issue of prejudice-based bullying in schools (June 2018)- watch here the session (from minute 10:03):

Policy Briefings (all available on our Home page)

Moskal, M. et al. (2018) Eastern European Youth Identities in Uncertain Times, Durham: University of Durham.

Kelly, C. et al. (2018) Eastern European Young People’s Use of Services in the UK, Plymouth: University of Plymouth.

McMellon, C. et al. (2018) Eastern European Young People’s Political and Community Engagement in the UK, Glasgow: University of Strathclyde.

Tyrrell, N. et al. (2018) Eastern European Young People’s Feelings of Belonging: Any place in Brexit Britain?, Plymouth: University of Plymouth.

Sime, D. et al. (2017) Eastern European Young People in Brexit Britain, Glasgow: University of Strathclyde.

Previous research

Findings from research we have conducted between 2010-2016 with Eastern European migrant young people and their families are available in the publications listed below.


Sime, D. (2016) Migrant children and young people’s ‘voice’ in healthcare, in Thomas, F. (Ed.) Handbook of Migration and Health, Edward Elgar Publishing.

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