Identity, citizenship and belonging
among settled Eastern European migrant
children and young people in the UK

Migrant Youth
Young Eastern Europeans Are Reporting Increased Racism And Xenophobia After The Brexit Vote
16/06/2018 - Daniela Sime
In the last year, Dorota was twice attacked, once on a bus, and once at her school When Dorota moved from Poland to England as a nine-year-old child, her mum...Read More

Migrant Youth
Supporting young EU migrants in Brexit Britain
10/11/2017 - Naomi Tyrrell
  Naomi Tyrrell Naomi Tyrrell is a researcher on the ‘Here to Stay’ project, which documents the lives of young people from Eastern Europe in the UK. This blog was...Read More

Migrant Youth
Saturday and back to school? Eastern European complementary schools in the UK
15/09/2016 - Claire Kelly
There are now estimated to be over 4,000 complementary schools across the UK offering cultural and language education in Polish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Ukrainian, amongst others. ‘Complementary schools are...Read More

Migrant Youth
Eternal outsiders: Migrant Roma children in Europe
20/08/2016 - Daniela Sime
As Europe’s largest ethnic minority, the estimated 12 million Roma (or Romany) people have experienced few benefits from the expansion of democracy in the Eastern states. The wave of anti-Roma...Read More

Migrant Youth
The health of Eastern European young people in the UK
17/08/2016 - Daniela Sime
The health of children who have migrated with their families is an issue of concern which has received little attention in Europe. We know from research that adult European migrants engage with health services...Read More

Migrant Youth
The refugee crisis: Debunking the myths
15/08/2016 - Daniela Sime
Recent weeks have seen a refugee crisis unfold in Europe. Around four million Syrians have now fled their country. Over one million Somalians and more than two and a half...Read More